How to deal with the high temperature in the car in summer

In the scorching summer, the pain is not only for those who walk outside under the scorching sun, but also for many car owners. If the city today is like a stove, then the car outside is definitely an "alchemy stove", which makes the car owner feel very painful. Car thermal insulation film solves the problem of burning in the car for you.

35 ℃ outside the car, 49 ℃ inside the car, the cabin becomes an oven. Mr. Cai, a citizen of Songjiang District, Shanghai, said that he just wanted to drive out, but he didn't expect that the temperature of the car parked outside for a few hours was higher than that outside the car. The moment he opened the door, a heat wave came. It's like a steamer inside, it's so hot that I can't bear it!" Mr. Cai said that it was really unbearable to sit in the car in such weather.

Another car owner, Mr. Li, said that after 1 hour of exposure, the temperature in the car rose rapidly, and the seat was very hot. He said that he just wanted to get into the car and turn on the air conditioner first, but he jumped up because of the heat. In the end, the measured seat temperature was as high as 59.2°C!

So, how to cool down the car in summer? BOKE car insulation film solves your troubles!

High thermal insulation, protection from high temperature

BOKE automotive heat insulation film, using intelligent spectrum technology to reflect and heat insulation, has 56% high heat insulation, which can greatly improve the heat insulation and durability of the whole vehicle, and at the same time eliminate secondary heat radiation in the car, creating a comfortable and cool car interior space.

Accelerate the cooling of the air conditioner and keep cool for a long time

BOKE car thermal insulation film can effectively block infrared rays and keep the temperature inside the car within a controllable range. Even if the air conditioner is turned on for several hours, it can still effectively accelerate the cooling speed, and help car owners to maintain a cool body feeling for a long time, not afraid of being tanned and sunburned .

BOKE safety insulation film, using double-sided multi-layer magnetron sputtering process and optical-grade substrate, high heat insulation, high explosion-proof, product guaranteed. Coupled with a 10-year warranty period, the after-sales service is more assured.