Smart Light Sensing PPF

Smart light-sensing PPF is an intelligent light control product whose light transmittance changes with the intensity of sunlight. It is a natural dimming product for automobiles, building doors and windows, lighting roofs and other places.

Intelligent color changing principle:

For special nanomaterials, the intensity of light stimulation is different, and the photosensitive factors are arranged in different angles and directions.

The main function of the sticker color change is to change the appearance of the car, from black to white, red to blue, and a different color for a different mood. The color changing film is divided into many color systems, each color system contains a variety of colors, and some special color systems such as black magic diamond, magic color, rainbow laser, etc. are full of dazzling light that is more eye-catching. The color-changing film is also divided into bright and sub-surface, and some color ties have a metallic texture. The color change can also be double-stitched, the color-changing films of the two colors are combined together, and there are customized gradient colors. There are many types of film. Color changing film is full of personality, it is a fashion and a way of life. 

When the light (sunlight) becomes weak, the nano-photosensitive factors gradually restore the disorderly and scattered arrangement, and the light can easily pass through. It doesn't interfere with your driving, boating, work or enjoying the scenery. Escort you and your home and create a harmonious living environment.


Intelligent shading: According to the hotness of the sun, the light transmittance is automatically adjusted to create a comfortable space with suitable light. At the same time, the blocking ability of infrared varies with the accumulation of sunlight intensity. In summer, the intensity of sunlight is high, the irradiation time is long, the infrared transmittance is lower, and the heat insulation effect is obvious. In winter, the sunlight intensity is small, the irradiation time is short, and the infrared transmittance rises, so that more solar energy can be obtained.

Energy saving and environmental protection: Some car owners will choose touch-up after accidentally scratching the original car paint. The surface of the car paint after touch-up is different from the original car paint. This difference is more obvious. detected by the detector. Moreover, the cost of repainting is very high, and it will also delay time (the car cannot be used for repainting). The annual cost of car beauty such as crystal plating, film coating, waxing, decontamination, polishing, etc. is also very high. The color change film can reduce the cost of various car beauty projects, and also reduce the time spent on car beauty. The color change film can avoid frequent car washes, reduce the cost of car washes and the scratches and scratches caused by car washes.

Safety and explosion-proof: explosion-proof and shock-proof, reducing damage. Build (invisible protective net)

Temperature warning: The smart color-changing film can effectively prompt the temperature change through the wearing of the light.