Smart photochromic light film

Boke intelligent light sense color change lamp film, can change with the intensity of ultraviolet rays, TPU intelligent light control lamp film to add modified masterbatch, weather resistance is very strong, the lamp film can automatically sense the strength of ultraviolet rays and present different colors, daytime glittering, invisible transparent at night. And also has a strong hydrophobicity, to prevent cracking, scratch thermal repair, decoration personalization, protection of the headlights from aging of various advantages.

The so-called transparent blackened lamp film, the effect is that the light film during the day shows a black effect, and the lamp film becomes transparent at night, thus avoiding the problem that the traditional blackened lamp film affects the light transmittance due to the color, the actual effect of getting on the car is still quite good, and the visual effect of the whole vehicle is very eye-catching.

So such a magical visual effect, how is the new lamp film realized? In fact, the principle is not difficult, mainly in the membrane to add ultraviolet absorber, as long as there is ultraviolet presence, you can make the lamp film due to the absorption of ultraviolet light and discoloration. When driving at night, because there is no ultraviolet light, the lamp film naturally becomes transparent.

And because only ultraviolet rays can cause the lamp film to change color, the visible light emitted by the headlights will not cause the lamp film to change color. Therefore, this new color-changing lamp film has a more limited impact on the brightness of the lights at night than traditional products, and greatly improves driving safety under the premise of satisfying the owners who like cool shapes!